Does gopro hero 7 have rear camera

GoPro Hero 7 is a popular action camera that is widely known for its compact size, ruggedness, and versatility. It has gained a strong following among adventure enthusiasts, athletes, and content creators for its ability to capture high-quality, immersive footage in extreme conditions.

However, one question that often comes up is whether the GoPro Hero 7 has a rear camera. The short answer is no – the GoPro Hero 7 does not have a rear camera. It is designed to be a single-lens action camera, with a wide-angle lens that captures a wide field of view.

While the absence of a rear camera may seem like a limitation, the GoPro Hero 7 compensates for it with other features. It offers advanced stabilization technology, known as HyperSmooth, which provides incredibly smooth footage even in shaky conditions. Additionally, the GoPro Hero 7 has powerful image and video quality, making it a reliable choice for capturing stunning visuals.

“Although the GoPro Hero 7 does not have a rear camera, its single-lens design and range of features make it a popular choice for capturing action-packed moments with ease and high-definition clarity.”

With its impressive capabilities, the GoPro Hero 7 continues to be a top choice for adventure enthusiasts and professional filmmakers alike, despite not having a rear camera. Whether you’re capturing your favorite moments during an epic hike or creating captivating content for your YouTube channel, the GoPro Hero 7 delivers reliable performance and exceptional image quality.

Key Features of GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7 is a versatile and compact action camera that offers a wide range of features to capture stunning videos and photos in any environment. Here are some of its key features:

HyperSmooth Stabilization

  • GoPro Hero 7 is equipped with HyperSmooth stabilization, which enables smooth and shake-free footage even during intense activities like skiing, biking, or running.
  • The advanced stabilization technology ensures that your videos are steady and professional-looking without the need for additional gimbal equipment.

Waterproof Design

  • The Hero 7 is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters) without the need for an additional housing.
  • This feature makes it perfect for capturing underwater adventures, water sports, or simply enjoying a day at the beach without worrying about damaging your camera.

Voice Control

  • GoPro Hero 7 supports voice control, allowing you to easily control the camera with simple voice commands.
  • With voice control, you can start recording, take photos, or turn the camera on and off without having to use your hands, giving you the ultimate convenience during your adventures.

4K Video and 12MP Photos

  • The Hero 7 is capable of recording stunning 4K videos at 60 frames per second and capturing high-quality 12-megapixel photos.
  • Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes or fast-paced action, the Hero 7 provides the clarity and detail you need to relive your adventures.

TimeWarp Video

  • One of the unique features of the GoPro Hero 7 is TimeWarp video, which allows you to create impressive time-lapse videos while you’re on the move.
  • TimeWarp video captures stabilized footage and increases the speed up to 30x, resulting in dynamic and engaging videos that are perfect for sharing on social media.

The GoPro Hero 7 is a powerful and versatile action camera that is packed with features to help you capture and share your adventures. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or just want to capture everyday moments, the Hero 7 is designed to deliver exceptional performance and stunning visuals.

Front Camera Specifications

The GoPro Hero 7 is equipped with a front camera that allows you to capture stunning selfies and record videos with ease. The front camera features a high-resolution sensor that delivers impressive image quality.


The front camera of the GoPro Hero 7 has a resolution of 12 megapixels. This allows you to capture detailed and sharp photos, ensuring that every moment is preserved with clarity.

Video Recording:

When it comes to video recording, the front camera supports recording at a maximum resolution of 4K. This means that you can capture high-definition videos with stunning clarity and detail.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS): The front camera of the GoPro Hero 7 also features electronic image stabilization technology. This helps to reduce camera shake and ensures that your videos are smooth and steady, even when recording in challenging conditions.

TimeWarp: The TimeWarp feature is also available on the front camera, allowing you to create captivating time-lapse videos that showcase the passage of time in a unique and creative way.

Face Detection: Another convenient feature of the front camera is face detection. This allows the camera to automatically recognize and focus on faces, ensuring that your selfies and videos are always sharp and well-exposed.

Please note that the rear camera on the GoPro Hero 7 does not exist. The GoPro Hero 7 only has a front camera.

Rear Camera Specifications

The GoPro Hero 7 does not have a rear camera. It is designed to provide high-quality footage and images from its front-facing camera. However, it does have advanced features that allow for capturing an immersive and wide-angle view.

Front-Facing Camera

The Hero 7 features a front-facing camera with a resolution of up to 12 megapixels. It is capable of recording videos in stunning 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. This camera also supports various shooting modes, including time-lapse, burst mode, and continuous photo capture.

With advanced image stabilization technology, the Hero 7’s front-facing camera ensures smooth and steady footage even during intense activities. It also has enhancements like Protune, which allows for manual control of settings such as ISO, white balance, and exposure compensation.

Field of View

One of the standout features of the Hero 7’s front-facing camera is its wide-angle lens, providing a field of view up to 170 degrees. This wide perspective allows for capturing more of the surroundings, making it ideal for action sports and outdoor adventures.

Additionally, the Hero 7 offers the option to narrow down the field of view to 90 degrees, providing a more natural and less distorted perspective. This can be particularly useful for vlogging or capturing close-up shots.

In conclusion, while the GoPro Hero 7 lacks a rear camera, its front-facing camera is a powerful tool that delivers stunning visuals and provides flexibility through its wide-angle lens and advanced features.

Comparison with Previous Models

The GoPro Hero 7 is the latest model in the GoPro Hero series, offering several improvements and new features compared to its predecessors. Here is a comparison of the Hero 7 with the previous models:

  • GoPro Hero 6: The Hero 7 is equipped with a more powerful processor and improved image stabilization technology, which results in smoother and more stabilized footage compared to the Hero 6. Additionally, the Hero 7 offers a live-streaming feature, which is not available in the Hero 6.
  • GoPro Hero 5: The Hero 7 has a similar design and form factor as the Hero 5, but it offers several key improvements. The Hero 7 has a higher maximum video resolution and frame rate, improved image stabilization, and enhanced dynamic range, all of which contribute to better overall video and photo quality compared to the Hero 5.
  • GoPro Hero 4: The Hero 7 includes several advancements that were not present in the Hero 4. The Hero 7 offers higher video resolutions, improved image quality, better low-light performance, and improved connectivity options. Additionally, the Hero 7 features voice control and a touchscreen display, which were not available in the Hero 4.

In summary, the GoPro Hero 7 is a significant improvement over its predecessors, offering better image stabilization, higher video resolutions, improved image quality, and new features such as live streaming and voice control. These upgrades make the Hero 7 an excellent choice for capturing high-quality action footage.

User Experience and Reviews

The GoPro Hero 7 has been well-received by users, with many praising its advanced features and improved user experience. One of the standout features is its rear camera, which allows users to capture footage from different angles, enhancing the overall quality of their videos.

Users have also expressed their satisfaction with the camera’s image stabilization capabilities, which helps to prevent shaky footage and ensures smooth video recording. This feature is particularly useful for those who engage in adventure sports or activities where movements can be rapid and unpredictable.

Another aspect of the user experience that has been lauded is the improved battery life of the GoPro Hero 7. Many users have commented on the longer lasting battery, allowing them to capture more footage without the need for frequent recharging.

The intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate menu system have also been praised by users. The GoPro Hero 7 provides a user-friendly experience, allowing both beginners and experienced users to quickly learn and navigate the camera’s various settings and modes.

Overall, the GoPro Hero 7 has received positive reviews for its rear camera, image stabilization, battery life, and user-friendly interface. Users have found it to be a reliable and versatile camera, perfect for capturing their adventures and creating high-quality videos.

Pros Cons
– Rear camera adds versatility – Limited touchscreen responsiveness
– Excellent image stabilization – Can be pricey for some
– Long battery life – Limited built-in storage
– User-friendly interface – Audio quality could be improved


Does the GoPro Hero 7 have a rear camera?

No, the GoPro Hero 7 does not have a rear camera. It only has a front-facing camera for capturing your adventures.

Can I use the front camera on the GoPro Hero 7 to take selfies?

Yes, you can definitely use the front camera on the GoPro Hero 7 to take selfies. It has a wide-angle lens that allows you to capture yourself and the surrounding environment in the shot.

Is it possible to connect an external rear camera to the GoPro Hero 7?

No, it is not possible to connect an external rear camera to the GoPro Hero 7. The camera only has a built-in front-facing camera and does not have the capability to connect to external cameras.

Are there any alternative GoPro models that have a rear camera?

No, currently there are no alternative GoPro models that have a rear camera. The GoPro Hero 7 and other models in the Hero series only have a front-facing camera.


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