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GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Last updated on June 2, 2023 6:14 pm
GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Prices

June 2, 2023 6:14 pm
× Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on (,,, etc) at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
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The GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer) is a high-quality camera designed to capture all of your outdoor adventures. It is smaller and lighter than previous models and comes with a waterproof housing that can withstand depths of up to 131 feet (40 meters). The camera has several features that make it stand out from its competitors.

  • Improved Picture Quality: The camera has a 33% improvement in picture sharpness and a decrease in distortion, giving you clearer and more vibrant images.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: The in-built Wi-Fi is faster and allows for seamless connectivity to the Wi-Fi Distant (included) and GoPro App. You can easily share your photos and videos with friends and family.
  • Super View: The camera’s Super View video mode captures the world’s most immersive wide-angle perspective, giving you a unique and stunning view of your surroundings.
  • Longer Battery Life: The HERO3+ has a 30% longer battery life, so you can capture more footage before needing to recharge.

In conclusion, the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer) is a reliable and powerful camera for anyone who loves outdoor adventures. Its improved picture quality, enhanced connectivity, and longer battery life make it an excellent choice for capturing your experiences.

Additional information

Specification: GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Product Dimensions

3.15 x 2 x 3 inches

Item Weight

1.4 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 1, 2013




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GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Videos

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Adventure Camera (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

4.4 out of 5
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  1. R.M.S

    The GoPro Hero 3+ is a great camera that hasn’t failed to impress with its high quality picture and huge range of applications. As an owner of one of the earlier HD Hero’s (version 1) I can say that it has been considerably improved in both size (much smaller and lighter) and in the number of features as well as the image quality.

    The Wifi powered remote control is a great addition and the use of the iphone app with minimal camera delay makes setting up shots pain free. As others have commented the wifi is a bit of a battery drain though!

    Videos can be edited with ease on an ipad with imovie or using gopro’s pretty decent free software from their website.

    The only thing holding this camera back from a 5 star rating is that mine was supplied with a few bits of dust behind the actual lens of the camera (not the waterproof housing) which shows a bit of sloppiness with build, in fairness though their support team have offered that if it causes a problem they’ll take it in,

    All in a ll a great buy that i don’t regret at all!

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  2. Amazo-Fan

    Remote control not working. Battery was underperforming so I bought new. I recommend a software and firmware reset to get access to your device. All said and done has been used and some of the pictures are a little blurry. Early days. Liking the product. It’s a stepping stone to a new one if my child wants to get one and can find a lot of uses for this one.

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  3. Qazi

    UPDATE 25/12/2013

    Finally I did a comparison of HERO3+ BE with HERO3 BE and the HERO+ BE lens is out of focus for objects that are far away but crisp for closeups. I use my GoPro cameras to record my motorsport activities so closeup sharpness is more important to me that is why I never noticed the out of focus background scenes. I do not use the GoPro cameras to capture images and instead use a Canon 60D for photography. I have removed one star as my older HERO3 BE was sharp even for distant objects.

    (End of Update)

    This review is about GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition which I have bought but there are some comments about other editions, casing and microSD card also which you may find useful for a comparison.

    When GoPro released HERO3, the whole internet was flooded with customers complaining about several issues which GoPro kept fixing with new firmware updates. I owned a HERO3 Black Edition and luckily encountered no issues as I always kept it up-to-date with the latest firmware. I also bought a recommended microSD card supporting full bitrate (more on this at the end of review).

    GoPro HERO3+ is exactly what the name upgraded and more polished HERO3 but with a new lens and several new useful features, GoPro would have just changed the shape and easily called it HERO4.

    – Smaller and lighter
    The waterproof case that comes with the package is now smaller and lighter but the actual camera is still the same size and weight. Smaller also means that unlike the previous waterproof case which supported maximum depth of 60m, the new smaller case now supports only 40m. Mounting base is same so it is still compatible with older accessories using the same mount. Smaller case is an improvement but what I found more interesting is that now the case buttons feel better and easier to use. The case locking mechanism has improved also which is another improvement.

    – 2x faster pocessor
    This only applies to HERO+ Silver Edition as the processor in HERO3+ Black Edition is exactly the same as HERO3 Black Edition.

    – Improved lens
    The new lens is one of the biggest improvements of the camera. Colors look sharper and you don’t get a white washed look when shooting in low light conditions. GoPro claims 33% increase in image sharpness and and 2x reduction in imaging artifacts. If you look at two videos or pictures shot using HERO3+ BE and HERO3 BE then you can immediately tell without knowing which one is shot by the new lens. Yes, the difference is easily noticeable and the result nods to the GoPro claim of sharper image and less artifacts.

    – Auto Low Light mode
    This is a feature which adjusts frame rate based on lightening conditions. The output is a brighter video which using the new lens saves more details and better quality videos without adding that white washed effect. In some low light conditions, the HERO3 BE completely missed some areas of the frame which were picked brighter by the HERO3 BE. I will be using this a lot while mounting it inside the car during midnight racing.

    – SuperView
    Another great feature for people who want to shoot wide angel shots or want more of themselves in the videos. I have read the technical details of how GoPro has achieved this and I had a feeling that the result would be distorted but to my surprise it turned out really good and covered a whole lot bigger area in good quality.

    – 30% longer battery life
    GoPro has achieved better battery life by adding a slightly bigger battery and tweaking the software for better battery management. The new battery is 1180mAH compared to older 1050mAh battery. If you have the old HERO3 batteries then they are still compatible with the new camera and thanks to the new battery management, the older batteries will give you more shooting time compared to the older HERO3 cameras. This is a huge improvement as battery life was significantly reduced from HERO2 to HERO3 cameras. Now you can record without the fear of battery dying in the middle of action.

    – 4x faster Wi-Fi
    The new Wi-Fi chip speeds up the Wi-Fi 4x for transferring and sharing media off the camera. It also speeds up controlling the camera from the remote or mobile app.

    After using the new features, I am extremely satisfied and do not regret upgrading from HERO3 BE to HERO3+ BE and would recommend the upgrade to others who want an improved experience and better video results. The new lens, better battery, new auto low light mode, superview and faster Wi-Fi are all features that end users would benefit regularly. If you have a HERO3 and shoot a lot of low light footage, miss out details or focus in direct sun light or want even more clear and detailed captures with sharper colors then HERO3+ BE won’t disappoint you.

    I know a lot of people are unhappy that GoPro launched an upgrade sooner but considering how the industry is moving very fast with new technology coming up every few months, GoPro have to be on top of their game with new and improved cameras and HERO3+ Black Edition is the new name of the game. The HERO3 BE was the best action cam and now with the launch of the new camera, GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition has now taken the crown.

    Note on LCD/Battery bacpac, backdoors and casings
    Older LCD and battery bacpac are compatible with HERO3 but the backdoors are not compatible with the new case. If you have the older waterproof, skeleton or frame case then you can still use them with the HERO3+. Currently the LCD and battery bacpac are not in stock on GoPro website and I assume that with the new 1180mAH battery, GoPro would soon launch a new bacpac so hold a little if you want to get the new product. GoPro would soon launch backdoors for new casing so meanwhile you can use older casing with the LCD and battery bacpac.

    Note on microSD card compatibility
    A lot of HERO3 issues were related to unsupported/slower microSD cards and even though now you can find a list of supported cards on GoPro website, not all of them can take full advantage of the Black Edition. If the GoPro HERO3 BE or HERO3+ Black Edition detects an unsupported or slower card, then it automatically reduces the recording bitrate from 45Mb/sec to 35Mb/sec while shooting in 4K, 2.7K and Protune video modes. SanDisk Extreme cards are on the compatibility list but are throttled to 35Mb/sec only. I would recommend the 

    Samsung Electronics 64GB Pro microSDXC Extreme Speed (UHS-1) Class 10 Memory Card (MB-MGCGB/AM)

     card which is on the compatibility list and also records at the max 45Mb/s speed. To find out the video bitrate, record a video in 4K, 2.7K or Protune mode, transfer the file on PC and look at the properties which will tell you about the recorded bitrate.

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  4. Matte

    I was having a GoPro hero 1 black edition and I felt like I needed an upgrade. This model has the wifi and can be separate by the waterproof case, that was a big missing in my previous GoPro. It arrived in very good conditions with a nice manual to explain how to set it and connect to your phone or wathever device. The quality of the image is amazing, expecially under water (I use it the most for scuba diving) and like all the GoPro to work it needs an expandible memory.

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  5. JC

    We use this to take video for our fitness studio. It’s a good product, but here are some issues:
    1. The screen is very difficult to read and could benefit from backlighting.
    2. The lack of a live display showing exactly what you are filming means that you need to connect it to your mobile device. There isa a “backpack” display you can pick up for around £70.
    3. We are now experiencing problems connecting to mobile. The password no longer seems to work.
    4. This device is incredibly power hungry. Buy extra batteries and a charger.
    5. Not great for underwater filming.

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  6. theincrediblehoek

    The media could not be loaded.

     I’ll be updating this review as I play around with it more, so check for updates!

    NEW UPDATE!! 11/27/13

    After a month more of playing around with this camera, I am really really happy with it. Battery life has consistently been around 2 hrs, which should provide you with ample time of recording. Buttons are all still working well, no issues there, the wireless trigger runs pretty well, albeit a little slow. I really cannot complain about this camera, and given my past with GoPro cameras, this is saying a good amount.

    BUY THIS CAMERA FROM AMAZON, DO NOT BUY FROM GOPRO. I hate giving GoPro money, because they have awful customer service and for a period of two years sent me broken camera after broken camera. However, the footage that you get from these cameras are second to none. Feel free to read my review of the Hero3 ( if you want to get a review on that camera and of the company.

    Have a great holiday season, thanks for reading my review!

    NEW UPDATE 10/26/13

    To start off, one common theme of the GoPro cameras throughout their existence is that the video quality has been top notch. Even on the older models where the cameras were much maligned (and rightfully so), nobody could write off the beautiful video that the camera COULD obtain (when it worked). This was the major underlying reason why these cameras were so loved/hated; when they worked, they’d take incredible video, but, they often had many bugs and flaws.

    The GoPro Hero3 was a SIGNIFICANT upgrade over the hero2 in terms of video quality. I was one of the first to get that camera and couldn’t believe how much better the quality was. Not simply in terms of resolution, but light sensitivity, frame rate, depth of field; the video that the camera could record was stunning. However, as I alluded to before, this camera was so full of bugs you could have taught an entomology class on it! To compound issues, GoPro had AWFUL customer service and no ways to resolve the problems that these cameras faced.

    Enter the Hero3+. In many ways, this camera is very much like its predecessor. While being a little smaller, having the case slimmed down, the guts are almost the same, and the video quality is almost the same too. They have added a “super” mode, which is supposed to produce even better quality video, however I have not seen much of an effect while using it (keep in mind, you have to drop the frame rate to use it). However, they have really fixed a LOT of small issues which make this camera worth the $400.

    The BIGGEST change they have done on this camera is FIXED THE BATTERY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 30% increase is misleading; I would normally only get about 20-30 minutes of recording time on my old hero3, but now with the hero3+, I recored for 2 hours on one battery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s almost a 400% increase! I don’t know what they did to increase it so much, but this was one of THE most frustrating aspects of the camera. Now that you can safely record on one battery for the majority of whatever you’re doing, you don’t have to worry about changing the battery, getting the camera dirty/wet, and fussing with it when you may not be in a good environment to do so (mud/snow/water/dirt…). I have tried many times recording on this camera, and I can say with confidence that the battery life is far far improved.

    I recently attended the Albuquerque, NM hot air balloon festival, and took some video with the GoPro to demonstrate a few things. While this video may look good, keep in mind that the quality is severely handcuffed since Amazon limits the size to 100mb.

    1.) The dynamic range of this camera is great. You’ll see it capture both light and dark areas extremely well; this was early early morning and there were a ton of shadows as the sun was starting to rise. It did a great job keeping everything evenly lit and balanced.
    2.) Pronounced fish eye. This is good/bad, because you’ll be able to capture a large range of field from the camera’s view point, however the edges are very fish eyed.
    3.) I naturally want to hold the camera on the black frame that houses the lens, however you may see on the video that my finger kinda pops into the frame of the video. BE CAREFUL IF SHOOTING WITH HANDS!! The lens must be set to record everything directly outside of that black frame, so don’t put anything near there.
    4.) Frame rate is great at 1080, but for anything above, it is garbage. It may seem attractive to some people to shoot video in 2.7K and 4K, however you are not going to want to after trying. The frame rate is way to slow to make any jump in resolution worth it. Even these hot air balloons, which rise slowly, still look bad in the 2.7k resolution. 1080 is where it is at.
    5.) Not sure if this is an isolated occurrence, but 720 does not look good at all. Very grainy, very choppy, and I didn’t like the video at all. Stick to 1080.

    Of note: The camera did freeze on me once, but this only happened once, as compared to dozens of times with the hero3. Not perfect, but a huge improvement.

    Hope this helps!! I have a lot more video I can upload at a later time, let me know if you have any questions!


    At first glance, the Hero3+ does not look much different than the Hero3. The packaging is the same, the accompanying accessories are the same, however as the title implied, there are a bunch of small improvements that are of note.

    1.) The lock button is SIGNIFICANTLY upgraded. For users of the Hero3, this may have been one of the more frustrating aspects of the camera. There was a two step mechanism required to unlock the case, which often got jammed with mud/dirt/debris, and even after rigorous cleaning made for difficult operation. They have improved the lock mechanism to one big bar that flips open without much effort or strain. Much MUCH easier to use, and I’m sure will be MUCH more durable.
    2.) The buttons controlling the camera are WAY easier to use. I have been a Hero user since the original models, and these two buttons, on the side and on the top, have always been extremely difficult to push/get to respond. This new case/camera has reworked the sensitivity of these buttons and as a result, all you need is a simple push to get the camera to respond. While this may not seem like much, those buttons were such an annoyance previously that this upgrade helps out a LOT.
    3.) Battery life. If the case lock was not the worst aspect of the Hero3, the battery life was. For an event covering 2 hours, I had to bring 3 batteries and HOPE that they got me through. I brought this camera to the Bills vs. Browns game last night, and recorded a ton of footage with a lot of pictures and the battery didn’t drop one bar throughout the entire game!!! THIS IS A HUGE UPGRADE. From other tests that I’ve done, I have been able to record about two hours of video before the battery died (shooting 1080p 48fps) and I cannot stress enough how big of an improvement this is.
    4.) New Video modes. As you’ll read about in the product description, they have included new “super” video modes for 1080p and 720p. While the video looks good on it, one thing to note is that these “super” modes are unable to be shot at the full FPS that the regular 1080p and 720p modes can handle (1080p can shoot 60fps, at super it is at 48).

    Overall, GoPro has address the MAJOR critiques to their product and should be commended for this new iteration. While there aren’t any new significant additions/features/toys, they have SIGNIFICANTLY improved the existing Hero3, and finally made it worth a $400 investment.

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  7. C. Hawkes

    Brilliant. This is my first GoPro, and I have been delighted by its versatility.

    I don’t intend to write about what it can do – the description does this well – but just to say that, as a first-time user but an experienced photographer, I have really appreciated the versatility of the GoPro 3+ black.

    The wireless capability means that the remote control (included) mirrors the back display of the camera itself; perhaps even better is the capability to control it with a smartphone (using the GoPro free app) which allows you to see what the camera is taking as well.

    I have confidence in the waterproof housing, and was impressed byt he number of mounts that come with the camera. In addition, I’ve purchased a floaty back and a telescopic pole – and doubtless there’ll be more. But this is actually a testament tot eh versatility of the GoPro.

    I’ve not had any trouble with the reported focus problems of early models. I don’t use this for selfies – most of my videos and shots are long range – and I have been very impressed by the quality.

    In short – I’m excited by the potential of this compact miracle.

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