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If you are looking for a reliable and advanced video surveillance system, look no further than Synology. Synology is a leading provider of Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, and their Video Surveillance Station is one of the best in the industry. With Synology, you can easily set up a powerful and scalable surveillance system to protect your home, office, or any other property.

One of the key advantages of Synology’s Video Surveillance Station is its user-friendly interface. You don’t need to be a tech expert to set up and manage the system. The intuitive control panel allows you to easily configure cameras, customize monitoring settings, and view live or recorded footage. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you can easily take advantage of Synology’s powerful video surveillance capabilities.

Another great feature of Synology’s Video Surveillance Station is its vast range of compatible cameras. Whether you prefer dome cameras, bullet cameras, or PTZ cameras, Synology has you covered. Their compatibility list includes cameras from leading brands such as Axis, Dahua, and Vivotek. This means you can choose the cameras that best suit your needs and budget, without being limited to a specific brand or model.

Furthermore, Synology offers a range of additional features that enhance the video surveillance experience. These include intelligent video analytics, motion detection, and event notification. With intelligent video analytics, you can easily detect suspicious activities or objects and receive notifications when specific events occur. This ensures that you stay informed and can take immediate action if necessary. Overall, Synology’s Video Surveillance Station offers a comprehensive and feature-rich solution for all your surveillance needs.

Best Video Surveillance with Synology: What You Need to Know

Best Video Surveillance with Synology: What You Need to Know

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient video surveillance system, Synology offers some of the best solutions on the market. Synology is a well-known brand in the field of network attached storage (NAS), and they have expanded their product range to include video surveillance equipment. With Synology’s video surveillance software and hardware, you can effectively monitor and manage your security cameras.

One of the key features of Synology’s video surveillance system is its compatibility with a wide range of IP cameras from different brands. This means that you can choose from a variety of cameras that suit your specific needs and budget. Whether you need indoor or outdoor cameras, high-definition or night vision capabilities, Synology has you covered.

Synology’s video surveillance system also offers advanced features such as motion detection, event notifications, and recording schedules. This allows you to customize your surveillance setup according to your preferences and security requirements. You can receive instant alerts on your mobile device or computer whenever motion is detected, ensuring that you are always aware of any potential threats.

In addition, Synology provides a user-friendly interface for accessing and managing your video surveillance system. Their software offers intuitive controls and a responsive design, making it easy to navigate and monitor your cameras. You can also access your video feeds remotely, giving you the flexibility to keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world.

Overall, with Synology’s video surveillance system, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected. Their reliable hardware, extensive camera compatibility, and advanced features make them a top choice for both residential and commercial security needs.

Benefits of Using Synology for Your Video Surveillance System

If you are looking for a reliable and feature-rich video surveillance system, look no further than Synology. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, Synology offers numerous benefits for both home and business owners.

1. Easy Installation and Configuration: Setting up a video surveillance system can be a complex task, but Synology simplifies the process. With its intuitive interface and step-by-step wizard, you can quickly install and configure your cameras with ease.

2. Flexible Storage Options: Synology provides flexible storage options for your video recordings. You can choose to store the footage on your local hard drives, network-attached storage (NAS), or even in the cloud. This allows you to easily access and manage your video files from anywhere.

3. High-Quality Video Playback: With Synology, you can enjoy high-quality video playback. The system supports various video formats and resolutions, ensuring that you can view clear and detailed footage. Additionally, you can easily navigate through the timeline to find specific events or moments.

4. Advanced Motion Detection: Synology offers advanced motion detection capabilities that allow you to receive real-time alerts and notifications. You can customize the motion detection settings to specify the areas you want to monitor and adjust the sensitivity levels according to your needs.

5. Mobile Access and Remote Monitoring: With Synology’s mobile app, you can access your video surveillance system remotely from your smartphone or tablet. This enables you to check live video feeds, review recordings, and receive alerts on-the-go.

6. Integration with Other Systems: Synology can be integrated with other systems and devices, such as alarms, access control systems, and intercoms. This integration allows for a comprehensive security solution that enhances the overall effectiveness of your video surveillance system.

In conclusion, Synology offers a range of benefits for your video surveillance system, including easy installation and configuration, flexible storage options, high-quality video playback, advanced motion detection, mobile access and remote monitoring, and integration with other systems. By choosing Synology, you can ensure the safety and security of your home or business.

Synology Surveillance Station: A Powerful and Reliable Solution

Synology Surveillance Station: A Powerful and Reliable Solution

Synology Surveillance Station is a cutting-edge video surveillance solution that offers a wide range of powerful and reliable features. Designed for businesses and individuals alike, this software provides an efficient way to monitor and manage video streams from multiple cameras.

One of the standout features of Synology Surveillance Station is its seamless integration with Synology NAS devices. This allows users to take advantage of the powerful storage capabilities of Synology NAS, ensuring that all video footage is securely stored and easily accessible. With support for up to thousands of cameras, this solution is scalable and can meet the needs of any surveillance setup.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Advanced motion detection and alert notifications
  • Flexible recording and playback options
  • Remote access and monitoring from anywhere
  • Support for a wide range of camera brands and models

With Synology Surveillance Station, users can easily set up motion detection zones and customize alert notifications to quickly respond to any potential security threats. The flexible recording and playback options allow for easy retrieval and review of recorded footage.

Remote access and monitoring from anywhere is made possible with Synology’s mobile app, allowing users to stay connected to their surveillance system even when they’re on the go. Whether it’s for business or personal use, Synology Surveillance Station is a reliable solution that provides the tools needed to effectively monitor and protect any environment.

Key Features to Look for in Synology Video Surveillance

Key Features to Look for in Synology Video Surveillance

Synology is a leading provider of video surveillance solutions, offering a wide range of products and features to meet the needs of businesses and individuals. When selecting a Synology video surveillance system, there are several key features that you should look for to ensure you choose the best solution for your specific requirements.

High Definition (HD) Video Quality: Look for a Synology video surveillance system that offers high definition (HD) video quality. This ensures that you can capture clear and detailed footage, allowing you to easily identify any activity or events that occur within your surveillance area.

Flexible Recording Options: Another important feature to consider is the ability to choose from various recording options. Look for a Synology video surveillance system that offers options such as continuous recording, motion detection recording, and event-based recording. This allows you to customize your recording settings based on your specific surveillance needs.

  • Intelligent Video Analytics: Look for a Synology video surveillance system that includes intelligent video analytics features. These features can include advanced motion detection, people counting, facial recognition, and object tracking. Intelligent video analytics can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your surveillance system by providing real-time alerts and intelligent search capabilities.
  • Advanced Storage Management: A Synology video surveillance system with advanced storage management features is essential for efficient and effective video storage. Look for features such as RAID support, automatic backup, and remote access to ensure that your video footage is securely stored and easily accessible.
  • Scalability: It is important to choose a Synology video surveillance system that is scalable to accommodate your future growth. Look for a system that allows for the addition of additional cameras and storage capacity, ensuring that your surveillance system can grow as your needs evolve.

By considering these key features when selecting a Synology video surveillance system, you can ensure that you choose a solution that meets your specific requirements and provides you with the highest level of surveillance capabilities.

5 Best video surveillance with synology

Synology 4 Bay DVA Deep Learning Video Analytics DVA3221 (Diskless)

19 new from $2,499.00
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2023 8:16 am


  • Facial Recognition - Provide enhanced tracking and greater security by categorizing and then identifying personnel in real-time
  • People & Vehicle Detection - Build situational awareness by detecting people or vehicles in off-limit areas
  • People Counting - Measure marketing effectiveness and optimize rental prices by monitoring foot traffic
  • Intrusion Detection - Setup perimeter lines for automatic notifications when breaches occur
  • Easy and Flexible Integration - Complete surveillance deployments in no time with support for over 7,600 IP cameras, H.264/H.265, and 4K resolution

Synology IP Camera License Pack for 1 (CLP1)

26 new from $58.00
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2023 8:16 am


  • Synology NAS/NVR comes with default licenses that allow you to set up and manage surveillance devices. The number of default licenses may differ. You only need to purchase extra licenses when your deployment requires more licenses than the default ones listed below: Synology NAS: 2 default licenses. Network Video Recorder: 4 default licenses. Deep Learning NVR: 8 default licenses
  • Synology also provides three options for additional purchased licenses: 1, 4 or 8 Surveillance Device License Packs; each comes with a single license key, allowing you to activate 1, 4 or 8 surveillance devices at a time.
  • To find out the maximum number of surveillance devices supported on each Synology NAS/NVR, please refer to the specifications of each model.
  • Purchased licenses can be migrated, while default license keys cannot.
  • Under most circumstances, each IP camera, I/O module, IP speaker, intercom, and access controller will only require one license, while each transaction device will require two licenses. However, multi-lens cameras and video servers for analog cameras may require additional licenses. For more details about supported cameras and surveillance devices, please refer to the Camera Support List and Surveillance Device Support List at Synology website.

Synology BC500-5MP AI Bullet IP Camera, Night Vision, IP67

15 new from $230.14
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2023 8:16 am


  • 5 MP sensor with wide-angle lens, recording at 30 FPS, and high-power IR LED for 30 meters of night vision
  • On-camera AI powers people and vehicle detection, intrusion detection, and Instant Search
  • Supports failover recording onto microSD, in case of network failure
  • No Device License Required
  • NDAA/TAA compliance

TIENCIY Security Camera Pan-Tilt Light Bulb Camera, FHD 2K Wireless Wi-Fi IP Camera, Home Surveillance CCTV Cameras with Motion Auto Tracking/Siren Alarm/Night Vision/Remote Viewing/Two-Way Audio

as of December 4, 2023 8:16 am


  • ➽ Full HD Pan Tilt WiFi Camera➽ This Pan Tilt WiFi security camera can provide you with a clear live video (Full HD 2K resolution) at any time, day or night. The Remote Pan & Tilt function allows you to get a much wider coverage than other cameras!
  • ➽Motion Tracking & Instant App/Siren Alert➽ Motion Auto Tracking available, motion detection sensitivity is adjustable, the camera will send you an instant app alarm when motion detected! The camera also supports siren & light alarm, they could be set triggered when motion is detected!
  • ➽Security Camera & LED Light 2 in 1➽ It’s absolutely more than a security camera! This is a 2 in 1 Security Camera with 6 White LEDs and 2 Infrared LEDs built in! What’s more amazing is, the LED could be set triggered when motion detected during the night!
  • ➽Easy Installation & Setup➽ The installation is as easy as replacing a light bulb, drill-free, punch-free, and wire-free! It works with the E27 light socket, 2 minutes 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Setup!
  • ➽Remote Viewing & Cloud Available➽ This home WiFi camera supports remote viewing, you can keep an eye on your home/office/pet/garden anywhere & anytime! Tuya Cloud is also available, do not worry, it’s optional, you can feel free to subscribe or not.

REOLINK Security Camera Wireless Outdoor, Pan Tilt Solar Powered with 4K Night Vision, 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi, 2-Way Talk, Compatible with Alexa/Google Assistant, Argus PT Ultra with Solar Panel

3 used from $134.39
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2023 8:16 am


  • 4K 8MP Color Vision Day & Night: The battery security camera is upgraded to 4K 8MP ultra-high definition, providing unparalled visual experience for you. The built-in motion spotlight helps you see every important color detail even at night.
  • 100% Wire-Free Easy Setup: The camera works on 2.4/5GHz WiFi and continuously powered by the new 6W solar panel, freeing you from frequent battery charging hassles. With this easy-to-install wireless camera, you can build up your independent security system within minutes.
  • 360° Coverage & Remote Access: Sweep off blind spots with 355° pan & 140° tilt. With the free Reolink app/client, you can remotely view and control the camera anytime anywhere and talk with your family or delivery person on the camera.
  • Smart Detection Reduces False Alarms: Equipped with an advanced sensor and intelligent algorithms, this battery camera brings more accurate alerts, and you can set the detection sensitivity and zones for person/vehicle/pet motion to further reduce unwanted alerts.
  • Multiple Alerts & Recording Options: The spotlight and siren will be triggered by motion to deter intruders, meanwhile you'll receive email or push notifications in real time. You can record events to the microSD card (purchased separately) and quickly play back with smart filters.


What key features should I look for in Synology Video Surveillance?

Some key features to look for in Synology Video Surveillance include high-resolution video quality, motion detection, remote access and monitoring, flexible storage options, and easy integration with other devices and systems.

Does Synology Video Surveillance offer high-resolution video quality?

Yes, Synology Video Surveillance offers high-resolution video quality, allowing you to capture detailed images and videos for better surveillance.

Does Synology Video Surveillance have motion detection?

Yes, Synology Video Surveillance has motion detection capabilities which can trigger alerts or recording when any movement is detected in the camera’s field of view.

Can I access and monitor Synology Video Surveillance remotely?

Yes, Synology Video Surveillance allows you to remotely access and monitor your surveillance system, giving you the flexibility to check your cameras from anywhere using a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Is it easy to integrate Synology Video Surveillance with other devices and systems?

Yes, Synology Video Surveillance offers easy integration with other devices and systems, such as alarm systems, access control systems, and smart home devices, allowing you to create a comprehensive security solution.

What are some key features to look for in Synology Video Surveillance?

Some key features to look for in Synology Video Surveillance include support for multiple cameras, high-quality video recording and playback, motion detection and alerts, remote access and management, and customizable recording schedules.

Can you specify some important features to consider for Synology Video Surveillance?

Some important features to consider for Synology Video Surveillance are real-time monitoring and live view, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera control, video analytics and intelligent features, mobile app support, and integration with other security systems.


In conclusion, when it comes to choosing a video surveillance solution, Synology offers a range of key features that make it stand out from the competition. The ability to integrate with a wide range of camera brands and models ensures flexibility and compatibility, while the advanced analytics, such as motion detection and facial recognition, provide an added layer of security. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to set up and manage their video surveillance system. With Synology Video Surveillance, users can rest assured that their premises are protected with a reliable and powerful solution.


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